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  1. Message sending is slow

    Hello, Mr Dave, Can you please explain the exact problem with your API Call ? In Addition, If your problem associated to one of our partners, Please contact the partner itself, Thanks
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Skytells Guard - The Ultimate WordPress Protection


  3. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will remove the version information that gets appended to enqueued style and script URLs. It will also remove the Meta Generator in the head and in RSS feeds. Adds a bit of obfuscation to hide the WordPress version number and generator tag that many sniffers detect automatically from view source. But always remember to keep your WordPress updated.


  4. Skytells Framework v3.6 Released

    Skytells Framework v3.6 is here! This release contains a lot of amazing features, extra components and more stability. And of course we care much about performance, The performance of the main framework core has been optimized which provide %7 of bootstrapping speed with less-resources including less usage of memory. What's New ? Brand-new Proxies for Oxygen Compiler a lot of extra featured added to the OxygenCompiler. Methods first(), setExtension, getExtension, setExtensionResolver Added. Methods like make & exists are now supported. These methods allows you to manage & render your oxygen views easily. Ultrafast Autoloader Added. Support of composer packages in oxygen views added. Extra Commands for Skytells CLI added. Improvements & Fixes Fixes Skytells CLI issue #1 reported by @Olivia which performed by init cmd fixed. MicroUI views compiler issue fixed. Autoloader RuntimeError issue fixed. Core-dependencies caching issue fixed. ServiceProvider Bootstrapping issue fixed. Improvements OxygenCompiler Performance Optimized. Container Aliases Optimized. MySQLi Objective Driver Optimized. Translator Engine's performance boosted up by %18. Container Aliases Improved SF Loader Improved Depreciations The following methods & paths have changed. Alliances In this release of Skytells Framework the Alliances definition'd changed to Aliases, including it's path and callable methods. Path of : Application/Resources/Controllers/Alliances -- ( v3.0 to v3.5 ) Changed to : Application/Resources/Controllers/Aliases -- ( v3.6 and later ) Global Changes : Controller Method AddAlliances() is now depreciated. From now on, Please use AddAliases() instead of using the old depreciated. Autoload config Array key $ALCONF['Alliances'] changed to $ALCONF['Aliases'] Dummy Alias file Home.php's namespace changed. From App\Controllers\Alliances to App\Controllers\Aliases Summary of changes : These changes have no effect of your current project, Please refer to our website to learn more about how to upgrade. Other Information For more information about this release, Please read our Release Notes on our website. Download Release
  5. [Fixed] CLI init command issue on SF v3.5

    Thanks for reporting the issue, During checking up your issue, we've found that the following notice'd thrown because of missing check-up function upon detecting the init command's options. First of all, the issue has been reviewed and fixed and the fixes will be included with the next version. At the time, please follow these steps to fix the issue on your current version of SF. Open : /Core/Kernel/Units/ConsoleKit/Seeds/Default.php At line (33) Find : if ($options["help"] == true){ Replace it with if (isset($options["help"]) && $options["help"] == true){ Thanks, Skytells, Inc. - Your issue is now closed at GitHub with the above fixes
  6. Skytells Framework v3.5 Released

    Skytells Framework v3.5 is here! This release contains a lot of amazing features, extra components and more stability. And of course we care much about performance, The performance of the main framework core has been optimized which provide %11 of bootstrapping speed with less-resources including less usage of memory. What's New ? Quick Project Creation Now with just one CLI command, you can create your entire project. Trusted-Proxy Trusted Proxy tells Skytells about proxies that can be trusted and how to map X-Forwarded-* headers from the request. Responsable Interface Easy Migrations With easy-migration system you can build your database easily via CLI Easy Routing You can now assign() an HTTP/HTTPS routes directly to controllers. Of course you can bind your Args with your route rule Dynamic Oxygen Templates The brand-new view methods like View::first() helps saving your time. Brand new CLI Commands create-project calls the project creation wizard. create view {NAME} creates a new oxygen view. Namespaces Auto-Discovery When using ServiceProviders Skytells will resolve the namespace automatically for each service-provider which called in the workspace controller. Improvements Core improvements and fixes CLI commands create model & create migration issue fixed. Oxygen Compiler optimized ORM System Optimized Capsule DB Manager Optimized Performance Optimization Depreciations There are no depreciations for this release. Other Information For more information about this release, Please read our Release Notes on our website. Download Release
  7. Hello, First of all, I would like to thank you all for sharing knowledge at Skytells Community. This forum created to discuss everything about coding & developing things, In order to keep everything as we planned, Please follow these rules. ALL CONTENTS MUST BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE OR ANY Q. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK HERE ( CODING Q.A ) Thanks.
  8. Before thinking about servers, imagine you need to practice for a triathlon. You probably need appropriate equipment and clothing. In terms of your IT workloads, it is pretty much the same. You need the appropriate server for the best performance. Cloud providers in the market may make some assumptions about all resources in the cloud being virtualized and shared. With Skytells, I can say virtualization is a choice, as it has a flexible set of options and resources that can be shared, dedicated or mixed. The client has the ultimate decision. Skytells offers two flavors of servers. Which one should you choose? * Image source : SoftLayer Bare metal (dedicated servers) A bare metal server is all about raw hardware. It is a single-tenant physical server that is completely dedicated to a single customer. You can choose it when you have data-intensive workloads that prioritize performance and reliability. Additionally, you may have graphics processing units (GPUs) working in conjunction with your server’s CPU for high performance computing. You may also have your own virtualized environment by contracting an unmanaged hypervisor. Monthly billing is applied for this option. Virtual servers Virtual servers are an option when you prioritize flexibility and scalability in your environment. They are commonly used for new applications built on cloud with unknown compute needs. In terms of flexibility, there are two options for virtual servers: • The first one is the virtual server running on a public node, which means the resources of the physical server are shared with multiple customers, also known as a multitenant environment. • The second option is the virtual server running on a private node, where the resources of the physical server are dedicated to you, giving you the ability to consume all resources of the server. One customer can have one or more virtual machines in the same server, not sharing with other customers. Monthly or hourly billing is applied for this option. You can create new bare metal or virtual servers from scratch or create a template of your image and store it in the SoftLayer library. These images can be captured and loaded into your environment, saving you time. There are two types of images: • Standard images: Standard images can be created and applied only for virtual servers. This allows users to capture an image from an existing virtual server, regardless of its operating system, and create a new server based on the existing image. • Flex images: Flex images support both bare metal and virtual servers. This means you have the ability to capture an image from a physical machine and create a new virtual server based on the physical image. Flex images, unlike standard images, only support a subset of operating systems. In short, there is no magic involved and you should deeply understand your IT environment before deciding what the best option is for your case. Both have strengths and weaknesses, as with everything in an IT environment.
  9. cPanel is the most widely-used control panel for website hosting today. It is the most popular and most widely used control panel for its ease of use, powerful features, and availability for all types of hosting. Today we will learn how to install cPanel on CentOS 7 on a brand new server that you have got with Skytells. Quick Tip: You can run this installation on a Bare Metal Dedicated Server or a Virtual Private Server, and even on a Cloud Instance or Container such as Docker! To install cPanel & WHM on your server, run the following command: cd /home && curl -o latest -L https://securedownloads.cpanel.net/latest && sh latest This command changes your session to the home directory, downloads the latest version of cPanel & WHM, and runs the installation script.
  10. Skytells Framework v3.4 Released

    Skytells Framework v3.4 is here! First of all, This is the 1st release in 2018 and the 17th of Skytells framework's development history. This release contains a lot of amazing features, extra components and more stability. And of course we care much about performance, The performance of the main framework core has been optimized which provide %9 of bootstrapping speed with less-resources including less usage of memory. What's New ? Brand new dependency injection system. Service Providers & Contracts Brand new dependency resolver Which provide fast bootstrapping and optimized performance Brand-new CLI Commands. create migration & create eloquent Added. Precoded App Templates Precoded templates are developed for fast-coding. Improvements Performance optimized by 9% ( Faster than v3.3 ) Core & Kernel fixes View Driver optimized Skytells Components optimized BASH Debugger bootstrapping issue fixed. Developer Console Exceptions on PHP < 5.5 fixed. New Ecosystem for kernel dependencies Depreciations There are no depreciations for this release. Other Information For more information about this release, Please read our Release Notes on our website. -------------------------- Download Release
  11. Skytells Framework

    Version 3.4


    Skytells Framework is an Application Development Framework - a toolkit - for people who build web sites using PHP. Its goal is to enable you to develop projects much faster than you could if you were writing code from scratch, by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. Skytells Framework lets you creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task.


  12. The Skytells Community is intended to provide a place for users of Skytells to discuss, share and interact with each other as well as Skytells Staff. To ensure we maintain a friendly environment, we ask users to respect the following rules and guidelines. Please let us know via the Skytells Community Assitance category should you have any questions or comments, posts in this category are visible between yourself and the Skytells Community Team. Skytells reserves the right to alter these rules from time to time. 1.User Accounts Each person may have (one) 1 forum login regardless of the number of companies you may be part of. Duplicate accounts will be removed from Skytells Community Please do not share your user account with others - each person should retain their own username and password Usernames must not be created that contain any of the items listed below: An email address A website address The following words Skytells cPanel Staff Moderator Admin Any word determined to cause offence or be deemed inappropriate. Usernames or Users that do not comply with these rules may be removed from Skytells Community 2. Behaviour on the Community We expect all users to be friendly and polite. While we understand that users will disagree and have different points of view at times, this can be communicated in a civil manner Please do not post rude, insulting or inflammatory posts. Personal attacks, name-calling and insults will not be tolerated on Skytells Community. Profanity and inappropriate images (including porn or gross violence) may not be posted anywhere on the Skytells Community. Skytells Community Staff & Moderators use their sole discretion as to what is deemed unacceptable behaviour in the community and may remove content at any time. Your posts assist other users, please do not delete content if you find an answer, please share this solution to help other users. 3. Advertising on Skytells Community Advertising, offers or self-promotion are to be posted only in the Third Party Add-ons section of the community. Community users seeking to hire a developer may post within the Service Offers & Requests section. Advertising is limited to one advertisement per seven (7) day period on a rolling 7-day basis. Additional or excessive advertising will be removed by the moderation team and your ability to post in advertising boards removed. Soliciting and/or self-promotion via the private messaging (PM) system is strictly prohibited. The sale or reselling of Skytells Licenses is strictly prohibited on the community. Affiliate and referral links may not be used, these links are those that link to a site and contain information crediting the person with that referral 4. Posting and Moderation on Skytells Community The Skytells Community is moderated by Skytells Community Moderators and Staff. When a post is deemed to be in breach of the rules it will be removed and the user advised via a warning. Please do not cross-post across the community. If your topic is better suited to another section one of the Skytells Community team will move it to the best category for you. You may report your post if you wish to have it moved by a moderator. For privacy reasons please do not post any personally identifiable information including Usernames, Passwords, Contact Numbers, Email Addresses and/or Credit Card Numbers As Skytells Community is a moderated community we have implemented a Warning System. When a post is removed for breaching the community rules we’ll be sure to let you know. We allocate points to a warning and once you have a set number of points you may be suspended from posting on the community. Users that do not comply with the rules for Skytells Community may be banned temporarily. Ongoing temporary bans may result in a permanent ban from Skytells Community. The public discussion of moderation decisions is not permitted, these will be removed without notice and may result in a community ban. 5. Signature and Profile Rules Your signature may include links, however, please ensure these are reasonable (no more than 4) and they must not include Referral/Affiliate links. This includes pricing and plan details Signatures may not contain more than 4 lines at a 1024x768 resolution Please do not sell or rent your signature space, your signature is yours alone. Where your signature does not comply with these rules you may be asked to alter or remove it 6. Skytells Community Ranks Official Skytells Staff & Moderators are identified by one of the following ranks located below their profile image, in addition, their posts are highlighted blue Skytells CEO Skytells Community Manager Skytells Customer Service Skytells Developer Skytells Marketing Skytells Staff Skytells Support Manager Skytells Technical Analyst Skytells Community runs a ranking system, new community members start with the rank of Newbie and can progress based on the number of posts, reputation points and length of time active on the community Some users have a special “Super Users” rank. These members are a select group of elite community members that are long-standing mentors in the community, courteous to other members, always providing technical insight and advice, and generally helping to make our community a better place to learn, troubleshoot and advance. The Skytells Community ranking formula is changed from time to time and without notice. The algorithm used is not published or discussed with users to prevent gaming the system 7. Contacting the Skytells Community Team You may contact a member of the Skytells Community via the Skytells Community Assitance board If you would prefer to email you may open a ticket by emailing forums@Skytells com Thank you for helping to keep Skytells Community a great place