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I am afraid everyone has the experience of Xiaoshengchu


I am afraid everyone has the experience of Xiaoshengchu, and I am no exception Marlboro Cigarettes Price, but I am different from Xiaoshengchu, which I experienced with other students. Not only do I have the same complaints as my classmates, but I also understand some truths. are going to junior high school, and we have only one goal. A good school like Wenxuan is very high-profile and only accepts more than 1,000 students. Then we think that these people of Coventry are also doing "devil training" every day."Students, this class test everyone went to the toilet, 50 minutes after the completion of the math teacher again blitz check. The students called bitterly, my buddy in Ding Yi did not say goodbye: "The math teacher really pit people, just morning After the test, and in the afternoon, this class actually changed the papers made in the morning. Ugh! Helpless. "Because I was a bad student in the math class Cheap Cigarettes, he saw that I didn't move, I went to the hair roll, and then I took the test. After about twenty minutes, I was unfortunately called by the teacher, because I didn't test it in the morning." Well, such a good student like Ding Yi is usually above 95 points, but only 67 points in the morning, I look at his lost back, thinking that what he just said seems to understand what n addition to the "normal test king" math teacher Marlboro Lights, we also have a "hearted and spicy" language teacher with a lot of homework assignments. The combination of the two is simply invincible.On one occasion, on Tuesday, the old time was arranged for more than ten minutes. The students are also angry in their hearts. However, he did not dare to attack. The teacher would have to squat for half an hour. When Li Mingyang went out, he said, "This teacher is too embarrassed. It really makes Li unable to hurt Marlboro Menthol 100S." "Well, don't let it go, although I also feel the same." Sure enough, the assignment was written at 10 o'clock in the evening. But I always feel that I understand something, but I can't express it in words...Correct! It turned out that this is the sentence, Bao Jianfeng from the grinding out Cigarette Online, plum blossoms come from bitter cold. There is also an attitude that determines everything.Xiaoshengchu really makes me happy to worry about this time! The joy is to understand the truth, the worry is the homework and the daily exam. ?

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