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Six years, we are happy, disappointed, successf


Six years, we are happy, disappointed, successful... There are too many things happening, like the stars in the night sky, shining, every star, everything has its own characteristics, different years, I hope that in the future, each of us will have a successful career and build a healthy and healthy life. I also hope that when we meet, we are not looking at each other, catching the scalp, looking at each other in confusion, but you shouting loudly: "Are you not Xiaobin?" Then I believe that our friendship is to withstand the time Cigarettes Online. Tested, friendship can last foreverOn the river alone, the moonlight is like water. Where are the people who come to the moon? The scenery is faintly like last year.I thought about it, graduated, and I didn��t have to go through the review of the early greed and study. Therefore, I have been eager for the day since the fifth grade. After all, they said that graduation is so good.In this way, I have been waiting - hope - somehow, this day is coming soon.There is no boring to finish the homework, no irritability for the homework, no day-to-night fights, no comfort when the friends are sad, no.Time is like water. This water is gone, I know that there is precious water. Repentance is not at the beginning, but how can water flow back to my mind? There are too many regrets in life... No wonder, on the eve of graduation, the art teacher told us the expression of Zheng Zhongshi when the precious time of elementary school friendship was precious.Well, the preciousness of the friendship of elementary school time is what I said in a few words. I only pray that I can be in a class with my elementary school friends when I am in middle In my mind, I always echoed such a thing. Every time I think about it, I am very sad. That is Xiaoshengchu.When I was in the first grade, I was thinking every day: this must not happen. But I know that people always have to grow up. Staying at an age forever is always a fantasy.In a blink of an eye, six years passed and I finally came to this day. Every time I think about it, I feel sad. Every time I think I have to be separated from my classmates; I have to say goodbye to the teacher; I have to be separated from my alma mater Newport Cigarettes. I am very sad. have been with my classmates for six years, and I have already had a close relationship with my classmates. We have been playing together for six years. Studying together on campus, spending the Children's Day on June 1st Marlboro Gold, and passing many final exams together. We used to have fun on campus, how can we not be sad when we are separated?Under the care of the teacher Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, she grew up for six years. She does not care for us with love; she constantly imparts knowledge to us; does not stop the warm sunshine from shining on us; constantly moisturizes us with rain and dew Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. How can we not be sad when we are separated from the teacher?iving in the arms of the mother of the campus for six years, she constantly nurtures us with milk. Every time she is immersed in her arms in her arms, every time we swim happily in the boundless book, she lets us in her Healthy growth in the arms. How can we not be separated from her?time I think about getting up early, I have to be separated from my classmates, teachers and alma mater. I am very sad.school.

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