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EFI issue 2 ssd's dual boot

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My Issue is that I keep getting boot errors when booting windows from the grub menu saying target drive not found. It WILL eventually boot to Windows if I go through the cycle a few times. Here's my set up:
-HP 600 G1 SFF
-UEFI bios that shows uefi boot options of Ubuntu and Windows Boot Manager correctly along with several other options
-SATA Drive 0 (sda): Samsung 120gb 240evo ssd w/100mb boot partition and Windows 7 gpt partitioning
-SATA Drive 1 (sdb): WD blue 500gb mbr partitioning, NTFS formatting, used for data storage only
-SATA Drive 2 (sdc): Crucial MX100 120gb ssd, ext4, holds single mint 17.1 xfce - BUT ALSO HAS ITS OWN EFI PARTITION IT?? - This may be the issue??
Why is there an efi partition on my second ssd that holds Linux? I think this is the problem, but I don't understand why it its there, as I pointed the efi bootloader to install on the drive 0 fat32 boot partition. Linux boots flawlessly, the issue is with Windows booting from grub. I can eventually get it to go, but my wife doesn't know what to do when the DOS boot issue screens appear. I attempted to repair windows boot using the original disk, but it gave me errors claiming incompatibility. Though I don't actually think this is a windows issue at all, because if I choose to boot directly from the samsung drive instead of ubuntu from the bios, windows boots fine. Its only when booting windows from grub that I have the issue. How did my Crucial drive get its own efi partition on it and how can I fix this issue?

Any help will be apprecited.

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